Who Was Ibn Battuta?

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Who Was Ibn Battuta?

Thank you for reading my poster. I hope you are inspired to read more about Ibn Battuta. I also hope you enjoyed it!

Ibn moved to Mecca at age 21 to be a pilgrim. From there, he just kept on traveling. He was very brave to travel to so many places because he could have gotten killed. Traveling by boat is risky because he could have run out of food. EEK!

Ibn Battuta was muslim and was the first person to meet every single muslim ruler. He also visited many non-muslim places, but he was most known for the countries that were muslim.

He was born on February 25, 1304 in Tangier, Morocco. He died in the year of 1377. That means he lived to be 73.

He traveled in 44 countries including parts of India, Makkah, Turkey, East and west Africa, and Central Asia on foot, by boat, and by horse/camel. His jourey lasted about 30 years.

This is a video about the travels of Ibn Battuta.

Who was Ibn Battuta? A famous, brave explorer, that's right! Read this poster to learn more!

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