Who Was Christopher Columbus?

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Who Was Christopher Columbus?

Who was Christopher Columbus? Christopher Columbus was a man who changed the world. This controversial explorer lived in Europe during the late 1400s. In 1492, Columbus sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered the New World. His voyage had started as an attempt to find a route to the riches of the East Indies for the rulers of Spain, and it wound up changing the course of history! This report will help you to understand the determination, bravery, and cruelty of one of history’s most important figures.

So who was Christopher Columbus? He was an explorer that displayed remarkable determination and incredible bravery, yet terrible cruelty. For better or for worse, Columbus and his voyages to the New World forever changed the course of history!

How did Christopher Columbus display determination? Columbus showed remarkable determination when he tried to find a king or queen to fund his idea for finding a westward route Asia. For more than ten years, Columbus traveled from one European kingdom to another. All of them turned Columbus down, saying that his idea to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to reach Asia was impossible, if not suicidal. Finally, Columbus convinced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to supply him with three ships and a crew of men to attempt his voyage.

How did Christopher Columbus show bravery? Columbus displayed incredible bravery during his expedition across the Atlantic Ocean. What Columbus was attempting to do had never been done before (it was like blasting off into deep space!) Many believed that the entire crew would be lost at sea, or worse, eaten by monsters! Columbus, not knowing just how large the Earth truly was, believed his ships would reach the coast of Asia in less than five days. Five weeks later, his men were frustrated and angry because there was no sight of land. They wanted to give up and return to Spain, but Columbus convinced them to press on. On October 12, 1492, Columbus and his crew landed in the New World.

How did Christopher Columbus display cruelty? Columbus showed terrible cruelty when he began searching the Caribbean islands for gold and treasure. Columbus had not located a route to Asia, but he and his men had found evidence of gold. Desperate to become rich and to make his voyages for Spain worthwhile, Columbus enslaved the native people and forced them to mine for gold that didn’t exist. Thousands of native people died from disease, starvation, or from being worked to death. Columbus was eventually arrested for his crimes.

FUN FACT:In order to fool his men into thinking that they hadn't sailed too far from land, Columbus kept two record books of the ships' progress: one accurate, one fake!

FUN FACT:Columbus once used his knowledge of an approaching lunar eclipse to fool a village of natives into thinking that his angry God had stolen the moon!


"By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination."


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