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Who I am

Who I amBy: Mitchell Gutierrez

3-odd 10/10/11


I am 62 inches tall, 116 Lbs., I have brown hair and eyes, and size 9 shoes,

My FamilyMom, Dad, mom's boyfreind, brother, 2 sisters, dog. My dad is 42 years old and was born in California on 4/1/69. My mom's boyfreind was born in North Carolina on 7/26/67. My brother was born in Washington on 8/21/83. My sister Tina was born on 8/12/84. My sister Marissa was born in Arizona on 6/11/96. My mom was born in Mexico on 7/30/68. My mom is loving and caring, my dad is also loving and caring, and he works with computers, my sister Marissa is very annoying, my sister Tina isn't as annoying and is alot easier to be around, my brother sells shoes and it's always fun to see him, my dog Marly is a miniature schnauzer, and he is 3 months old.

My HeritageMy heritage is mexican on my mom's side. My grandma and granpa on my mom's side were born in Mexico, they moved to Claifornia and had 8 children, my mom being the third oldest. My grandma on my dad's side was born in Hollywood Claifornia, my granpa was born in Bloomington Illinois on 3/7/66, my grandma being a professional ballerina, my granpa retired in military as Marine. Now all my granparents live in Arizona. Tony Lynne Farrow was born in Hollywood California on 3/22/49. Anthony Jesse Gutierrez was born in Los Angeles in 10/11/48.

What I doI play basketball, I ride my bike, I play video games, I like working with computers, I collect bottle caps, i'm good at math, I go paintballing somestimes, and I play chess.

My favorite things*My favorite TV show is Mythbusters *My favorite band is Cake*My favorite movie is Toy Story*My favorite sports are Basketball and Baseball*My favorite video game is Halo*My favorite book is Unwind*My favorite food are tacos*My favorite class is English*My favorite color is green

Who am II am not very interesting, i'm not very enthusiastic about alot of things, I have a very sarcastic sense of humor. I am nice most of the time, I am not good at dealing with problems because I will do more thinking than doing.



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