Who Controls Guns

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Who Controls Guns

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Who ControlsGuns?

Why should we not allow the use of guns when protecting the King to our chess board, the children.

Making laws against guns is pointless, the people who use guns for criminal acts don't follow laws anyways.

If the government is taking our rifles, they mine as well take our knives, hands, feet, and blunt objects also.

Most of my research I found pro-gun stories wanting gun control gone, but truth gets distorted when encountered with the media.

If nobody is around to protect us from a gun, how will we protect ourselves if guns are prohibited?

Arizona is in the top 15 for gun violence in the United States. The United States is top of the list for most people per population owning a firearm, but not even in the top 100 for highest gun murder rate compared to other countries. FBI crime statistics state: since states started allowing concealed weapons, the rate of murders, rape, assults, and robberies all decreased by at least five percent. In 1982 Kennesaw Georgia passed a law requiring the head of household to carry a firearm, that year burglaries dropped 89% in that city compared to the 10% drop in Georgia as a whole. Today that city's violent crime rate is still 85% lower than Georgia's national average. People who purchase or possess a weapon are the only ones in control of that weapon, meaning the responsibility falls on the owner whether they choose to accept it or not, that is who controls guns.



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