Who are you?

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Who are you?

Who are you,and why should I care?

One Minute Motivator: Networking: It is not only what you know but who you know.

In the past few years I have observed students lacking basic social skills in the classroom. Common courtesy and personal greetings seem to have disappeared. It has been a real challenge to motivate students to think of anyone but themselves. It appears students are more comfortable with emails and texting. It seems as if students are satisfied with walking into class, texting until roll is called and then leaving without making any real connections with fellow classmates. This can't happen, networking is what it is all about!

•Ask students to sit in some type or order. The frist time it is best to keep it simple.(Name: first or last.) If you really want to mix things up ask students to sit in order of the earliest or latest time they went to bed last night.Very interesting conversations. •Do not provide any more direction.•Leave the room for 5 minutes or just sit quietly and observe.•Mayhem occurs.•Finally everyone is seated and the mumbling begins (good, bad and who cares.)•Now, the fun part. In walks the habitual late student making their way to the back of the room! Oh no, this cannot occur! •Announce: Are you still in order? When the late ones arrives the entire class speaks out, students will ask the question of the day and direct the late attendees to their proper spot.

Why should I care who are you? Students begin to build rapport with one another. Leadership roles are quickly established.Friendships begin to evolve. Personal greetings become routine.Students find a common field of interest with one another.Habitual late arrivals begin to remember class time.

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