who are digital natives?

by Shesna
Last updated 7 years ago

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who are digital natives?

How do we cultivate a rich learning environment for digital natives? By providing them with lessons and assignments that allow them to make choices about how they learn and communicate, and by allowing them to build the skills they need to survive in a rapidly changing digital world.

Digital natives want the freedom to choose their own path, to personalize their expereince.

Who areDigital Natives?

As a future educator I find there is nothing more natural than to communicate with students in their own language and culture to help them attain literacy. In today's media saturated society literacy means more than just reading and writing. Literacy for digital natives encompases their ability to; adapt to using new technologies, interprete meaning in film and visual art, extract important details from a miriad of information quickly, and deliver communication through these channels and others. For digital natives, communication, and collaboration are near instantaneous which makes innovations happen at an ever increasing speed.

Digital Natives


Let's bridge the gapand change education!

Help me to grow skillsthat willbuild my future.

The non-digital world can feel frustrating and cumbersome to digital natives

The digital world can feel over whelming,and frustrating to digital immigrants.


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