Who am I as a Reader...

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Who am I as a Reader...

My parents always read to me as a child. Every night was filled with a bedtime story and school vacations were piled high with books. Reading was something fun that I wanted to learn how to do. My parents would never deny buying me a new book. I remember being read picture books and chapter books by my family at a young age.

Early Childhood

As a teacher, I want my students to love reading like I did as a child. I was surrounded by books as a child and I want my students to receive that same environment. I will fill my classroom with a large variety of books. Comfy reading areas will be accessible to the children. Possibly even a library system with parents to allow children to take books home. I want my students to love and enjoy reading.

As a Teacher

I lost my love for reading books during high school. Novels were passed to students at a high speed rate, followed by a test. This repeated for four years. The only books I enjoyed reading was Of Mice and Men and The Scarlett Letter. Sadly, spark notes was my main source of reading during my high school years.

High School

Books were still fun in middle school. Every weekend my parents would treat me to a new book. I enjoyed reading books such as The Clique, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars (before they became popular shows). I felt a sense of maturity while reading.

Middle School

Who am I as a Reader...By Dianna Bresh


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