Who am I as a Christian Leader?

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Who am I as a Christian Leader?

I chose the civil rights leader, Rosa Parks because she lived during the time African Americans weren't being treated fairly. She and other African Americans had to be away from Americans. On buses, African Americans had to sit at the back. Rosa refused to move from her seat to let other “white” Americans sit there. Rosa refused to let “white” Americans take her seat and she made people to make a stand.

Who am I as a Christian Leader?

My God-given talents are mathematics, general knowledge, drawing and sports.The things that I need to improve on is answering reading comprehension questions correctly.

Five Values I Most Desire:1) Having my own opinion, even if it is different from everyone else.2) Knowledge.3) Being brave.4) Being rewarded publicly.5) My family.Five Values I Least Desire:1) Always getting what I want.2) Following instructions.3) Being in charge. 4) Being popular.5) Having lots of money.

I think that the most important value a leader should display is loyalty because you need to be loyal to everyone, and not only should a leader display loyalty but everyone should.

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