Who am I as a Christian Leader?

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Who am I as a Christian Leader?

F O O D ! ! !

Who am I as a Christian Leader?

Bob Geldof

I chose Singer Bob Geldof because of his activism in Africa and his song called, 'Song Of Indifference', with his band called 'Boomtown Rats', the song of indifference is extremely old although the song was a popular song back then. Bob Geldof also founded the group 'Band Aid', which is a charity group for Africans in Ethiopia which is still here today! Afric a is still a 3rd world country but its still good to know that someone like Bob Geldog is contributing and helping the Africans.

My God given talents that I value are, communication, gaming, playing handball, basketball, singing and lastly my favourite and most valued talent, eating! Although what I need to hone my skills on is my behavioural and social skills.

Song of Indifference

The most Important value I think a leader should have is caring and mentioning other peoples ideas like not leaving them out having honesty and also I think that they should be aware of whats going on with the people.

My Values are...

1. Friendship 2. Peace 3, Honesty4.Kindness 5. Diversity 6. Freedom

I like...

1. Ice Cream 2. Games 3. Manga4. Chocolate 5. Youtube 6. History



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