Who am I as a Christian Leader?

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Who am I as a Christian Leader?

Mother TeresaShe is my role model because she showed that she could set goals and achieve them. For example she set a goal of caring for the poor and sick. Mother Teresa worked hard everyday to achieve that goal.

Areas I need to improve onAreas I think I need to improve on is my maths, speaking slower when presenting, speaking more fluently and not rush through hard things.

Talents/GiftsMy talent/gifts I am grateful for is my drawing skills and my acting skills.

Most important value a leader should haveThe most important values I think a leader should display is forgiving others, being brave, good friendships, being honest and being humble.

My ValuesMy values are being honest, being helpful, being brave and polite.

Important ValueI think an important value is being brave because then you learn how to do things yourself when others around you can't help. For example there is a spider and there's no one around. If you had the courage you would try to set it outside with some methods.

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Who am I as a Christian Leader?



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