Who am i as a christian leader

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Who am i as a christian leader

Who am I as a Christian Leader?

God-Given gifts



Aung San Suu Kyi freed the people of Burma from an unfair government. She was even put in home detention by the Burma police to get her country a fair government.

I think some God-Given talents that I am grateful for and demonstrate just leadership are:*Loyalty. I always stand up for my friends.*Bravery. I stand up for what I believe in. *I am Loving. I always tell my family that I love them.

I am an example of courage. Courage is one of the characteristics that a leader should have because Courage is also bravery.I Think courage is the most important characteristic a leader should display.

I think the areas I need to improve on are:*Listening. A leader needs to have good listening skills.*Communication. A leader needs to be able to communicate well with those around her.

Some examples of how I could live God's dream are:*Treat people justly and how you would like to be treated*Love everybody, treat everybody like family*Walk humbly with God. Treat everybody how you would like to be treated


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