Whitney Reddick

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Whitney Reddick

Whitney ReddickAutobiography

India Arie Song: I AM QUEEN

BiographyI was raised in a family without gender roles. In my family we love all people. I bring that into my relationship with my husband. I feel that I do not always identify with most white upper middle class Americans. My husband and I are very aware of who we are and we love all people. To borrow from Gandhi, we want to be the change we would like to see in the world. We can seem odd to our peers*. We associate ourselves with everyone and stress the import of equality. Lovingness and acceptance is very important to me. Also, gender roles are a very important factor in my life as well as my husbands. My husband and I are both equals and so is everyone else around us. We do not let outward appearance affect our judgement of an individual's character. My husband and I have a different appearance than the norm including tattoos and piercings. Transcending stereotypes is very important to me.(*Peers: White Upper Middle Class)

Who I AmWhite Female Age:28Religion: NoneSocio-economic status: Middle Working Class Language: English, Romanian, ASL

InterestingFactsMarried at the Grand CanyonRaised by two womenMy husband and I have been friends since kindergarden





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