White Rose

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White Rose

If I grow 6 white roses with different colors, then the rose petals will change colors because of growth and adaption to those specific dyes in the water.

1- Get white rose seeds.2- Plant seedlings in dirt with dyed water.3- Wait and measure growth.4- Once grown to max height, cut and place in cup of water with the same dye.5- Record the amount of time taken to keeps it's strength and color.

White Rose?

In this expirement, I grew flowers with colored dye, and cut them at full length.

The units used in this project are the time it took to grow and keep it's color, and the height it was able to reach.




What ended up happening was the roses all took the same time to grow, which was abount 2 weeks and 4 days. But once cut and placed in the water, they all died in 4-5 days. The first one to die was red. Then it was yellow, green, blue, purple, and lastly, yellow. The reason why they flourished was due to the chemicals used in the dye, and how harmful it affected the flower's survival rate.

ResultWhat happened and Why?

By T.J. Lewis


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