White Island Volcano

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White Island Volcano

Pacific plate, India-Australian Plate

Topographical View

White Island

Interesting Facts-Attempts were made to mine sulphur in the 1800's and 1913 - 1914 but 10 workers were killed when part of the western crater rim collapsed-The remains of the old miners buildings still remain there.- about 3000 pairs of Australasian Gannets breed on the island.- Yellowtail kingfish, hapuka, bluenose, black and striped marlin and yellowfin tuna are fished here

Full name: "Te Puia o Whakaari", meaning the dramatic volcano.Background: Was called the White Island by captain cook on Oct, 1, 1769Type: Strato volcano (Composite Cone Volcano)Tectonic Setting: Convergent, Subducting plates; the pacific plate is subducting under the India-Australian plate.Status :Active for atleast 150,000yrs.Location:New Zealand

Continous eruptions from 1976-1993-Happened on and off for 17 years-Ash & Gas plumes rose up to 10km high-Lava bombs & blocks thrown into the sea-Could sometimes be seen glowing red from the coast line of the Bay of Plenty-No casualties due to volcanic eruption-Changed the air and occasionally creating lightning.

Sulfur mining on White Island

Dated Eruptions:July, 27, 2000-blanketed the island with mud and scoria. No caualties.August, 5, 2012-Minor eruption sendign ash into the air, has been followed by more eruptions. Changed the air in the atmosphere creatinf thunder and lightning. No casualties.



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