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White Fang

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Chapters 1-21: Along the Mackenzie River and the Yukon river in the Klondike in the late 1800's.Chapters 22-25: Santa Clara Valley, California in the late 1800's

White Fang

Jack London

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The theme in my book is Domestication. White Fang is half wolf half dog. White Fang gets domesticated in the book. He learns new instincts by the way that people treat him and what he thinks of life. In parts of the book he gets closer and farther away from domestication. When he starts to trust his owners and understands them, that is when he starts to be domesticated, but if he doesn't trust them and feels in danger around them his instincts change so that he is not killed by the wild in which he lives. When he gets domesticated he doesn't feel the need to have the instincts that would protect him from the wild, because he feels he is not in the wild anymore.

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In the beginning chapters of my book, Henry and his friend Bill are transporting a coffin to the long distance Fort McGurry. They started with 6 dogs that have been pulling their sled with the coffin. Every night the wolves would surround their camp and threaten their lives. The only thing that protected them was the firelight. Each night they would lose another one of their dogs until only two remained. There was a wolf that stuck out to the two men. The men called it the She-wolf. To the men she looked more like a dog than a wolf but was right together with the pack, and they thought for sure she was a dog. The next day, Bill was attacked and killed by the pack of wolves chasing after one of their dogs. Henry was all alone with his one dog. He eventually got rescued by people from Fort McGurry. Now events switched over to the wolf pack which was running miles after miles looking for food. After days have past, the pack came across a pair of moose. They attacked the two moose and devoured them. The whole pack then split apart going their own directions with their mates. Three wolves followed the She-wolf. Old one-eye which was one of the wolves that followed the She-wolf. Old one-eye battled the other two younger wolves and won both fights. So Old one-eye and the She-wolf went on together looking for food. The pair came across an Indian camp. The She-wolf recognized the indian camp, but went on with Old one-eye. They went on until the She-wolf could not go no further. The pair found a cave and the She-wolf had three cubs. The cubs stayed in the cave for the first couple months. Out of those three cubs, only one cub survived those months. Old one-eye was killed by a lynx in those months. This part of the book would be the rising action before the climax. The climax of this story is pretty long throughout the middle of the book. The She-wolf and the last cub leave the cave and they come across the indian tribe. The indians recognized the She-wolf and called her out by name. Her name was Kiche. They looked at the cub and named him White Fang. Once the Indians' dogs saw White Fang they attacked him. They hated him throughout his whole puppy days. Once White Fang was bigger than the rest of the dogs, whenever the dogs tried to fight him he would kill the dog. His instincts were to kill whatever tried to kill him. The indians then moved their tribe close to Fort Yukon where White Fang would watch dogs come off the boats and White Fang would fight the dogs and kill them. People at the Fort watched this and one guy wanted the dog cause of his fighting. This next paragraph is the climax of the book. This where the theme really starts to take focus in the book. This man was Beauty Smith. Beauty Smith bought White Fang from Gray Beaver with liqour. Beauty Smith put White Fang in a ring and made him fight other dogs, and he would bet the other dog's owner and other people that White Fang would win. White Fang never lost a fight to any dog. The only thing that went through White fang's mind was to kill. That was his instincts, to kill everything that he saw. White Fang was in a middle of a fight when two men came and jumped in the ring and pulled the two dogs apart. The two men were Weedon Scott and Matt, his dog-musher. Weedon Scott yelled at all the people and Beauty Smith calling them beasts. He gave Beauty Smith 150 dollars and took White Fang and went back to their cabin along the Yukon river. Scott caressed him and treated him like a king for the next couple months and White Fang started to trust Scott and no longer wanted to kill him. White Fang loved Scott. He always wanted to be around him. When the time came for Scott to go back home he was gonna bring White Fang with him. That was the climax of the book. The rest of the book is the falling action to the end of the book. Scott and White Fang rode on a steamer then in a wagon to the santa clara valley White Fang was terrified of all the wagon carts. He thought that they might kill him. There was a dog at the house where Scott lived. The dog was named Collie and didn't want White Fang to go near the house. Collie got used to White Fang after a while. White Fang grew old not having to worry about anything anymore. Scott and White Fang went out riding horse, and Scott fell off the horse and broke his leg. White Fang went back to the house and got the people there his attention by barking for the very first time in his whole life. White Fang was domesticated. A few months later, a prisoner named Jim Hall escaped his cell and escaped the prison. Jim was gonna find Scott and kill him because Scott was the judge that sentenced him and Jim seeked revenge. White Fang was sleeping in the main room when he heard someone that he did not recognize. White Fang snuck up silently behind him and jumped on his back biting his neck as many times as he could. There was 3 shots heard from inside the house. Jim hall had died. White Fang was shot three times, had a broken hind leg, three broken ribs, and a punctured lung. The doctor said one in a million chance of survival, and White Fang survived.White Fang had a long recovery, was able to make it home. White Fang then grew old and had puppies with Collie.

I have three main characters in my book: White Fang the Wolf/dog, Beauty Smith the Mad god and Weedon scott the Love-master. White Fang I would say is the Main character of the book. The book goes through White Fang's life explaining his instincts and what he thinks life is in his perspective. Throughout his life he learned many things and new instincts. His instincts and the way he was treated by people and other animals were his motivations. His motivations were the way he acted when the people treated him like they did. He pretty much is the theme of the story cause he is the one that is being domesticated in the story. In some parts he is getting closer to domestication and some parts he gets farther away from domestication. Beauty Smith is the beast in the story. He buys White Fang from his previous owner because Beauty Smith saw him fight other dogs. He treated White Fang horribly. He beat White Fang With a club all the time and left him tied to a chain in a ring at that the fort that they which lived. He makes White Fang known as the Fighting Wolf because Beauty Smith makes him fight other dogs and bets money each time. White Fang would win every fight. White Fang gets farther away from domestication because White Fang thinks that he needs to kill everything he sees and get his jaws on. Weedon Scott is the Love-Master. Scott thinks that Beauty Smith is a crazy beast for treating White Fang like the way he did by making him fight, and He pays Beauty Smith money and takes White Fang from Beauty Smith. White Fang learns love by the way that Scott treated White Fang in the nicest way and making White Fang feel safe and not in any danger while he is with him. Slowly, Scott domesticates White Fang. Scott brings white Fang back with him to his home in Santa Clara. The wolf side of White Fang turns into his dog side as he grew old with his love-master.

•"I reckon you've called the turn, Bill. That wolf's a dog, an' it's eaten fish many's the time from the hand of man." -This is just talking about how the two men knew that that wolf/dog has been domesticated in the past. •"She was thrilling to a desire that urged her to go forward, to be in closer to that fire, to be squabbling with the dogs, and to be avoiding and dodging the stumbling feet of men." -This is talking about the same thing. The dog was really urging to go be by the fire with her own kind, and to be with humans again. But she has been with the wolves long enough to where she didn't want to go back to the lifestyle that she had before. •"The Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept." -The author is talking about White Fang. No matter how far away he was from the wild, the wild was still in him. It never left his body, nor was it ever asleep inside of him.


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