Whiskey Rebelion

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Whiskey Rebelion

September 11, 1791. Soon enough Robert Johnson took the job as federal government of tax collecter. In pigeon creek jhonsom was going to collect tax by himself.11 men came up to him dressed as women. They took him and put him In tar then feathered him. Johnson had recognized 2 of the men and issued arrest. He quit the job and gave it to John Carter. The men did the same thing to him.

The Neville estate burns

Washington's responseAugust 2-23,1794

Whiskey rebelion

There was a man John Neville, he lived on bower hill. He woke up one morning unhealthy men were at his door. They were very mad because him and David Lenox were servings tax on whiskey to them. The men would not leave his house so Neville fired into the crowd outside and shot a man. The men had soon left his house.

July 16th, 1791

The black door deal.

1783 till 1791.All of the thirteen states and congress owed money to foreign governments. Hamilton wanted to raise taxes to lower debt. Jefferson and washing weren't to happy about it, but went with it. They moved the national Capitol to one of the southern states. The congress passed the tax in1791.

Tarred and feathered

July 16 to 17th, 1794.Since millers death people wanted revenge. Between 500 and 700 frontiersmen were in a crowd outside of Nevilles house, Neville had left to make sure he was safe from them. Kirkpatrick had taken over. Since the soldiers wouldn't come out the people went to destroy the property. They set the barn on fire which soon burned the whole thing. Kirkpatrick had died from wounded shots.

Days after the burning of Neville house group of men were at the Mingo Creek Meeting house. People were telle and warning each other about the attack. Also about how Washington might send a militia. A guy named Bradford lent to attack the federal government. He lurked the mail carrier that went from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. People had found mean letters from the attack on Nevilles house. Bradford was finally ready to attack, but there was so many people he could not control him. Soon enough everyone was so drunk off whiskey they lost interest in attacking.

Whiskey saves Pittsburgh on July 21, 1794

There was tons of commotion everywhere. Frontiers men were saying they are going to get an army of 2,000 amd march into New Orleans. Washington didn't want to call for militia, he made the government to not promise that the whiskey tax would be repealed. The people wanted to make a "beneficial agreements" about people who were paying their tax. Soon Bradford sent a later to Hamilton saying that the president was sending a large militia to western pa.

September 29 - November 13. Washington's army went to pa and were hurting innocent people. Crowds of people were yelling at them. Nothing we change what the Rmy was doing. Some people were thrown into jail with no food or really anything for two days. Only two people out of twenty were found treason. Whiskey remained very difficult to collect, Washingtons presidency ended in1802.

No one to fight

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