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Whipple Reese

Francisco De Ulloa

You know I found San Francisco

FactsFrancisco De Ulloa was a very old explorer as you probly know he was the one who found San Francisco, that is how San Francisco got its name!Francisco De Ulloa explored on 1539,thats probly 470 years before you were born!Francisco De Ulloa had a hard time on sea,he sailed with three other ships and the smallest ship was lost during a thunder storm!The two ships Francisco did sail with that didn't get lost were named the Santa Aguedaand the Trinidad. Francisco De Ulla explored california on 1539 to 1540 and think about it,what if you were on a ship exploring a new countrey,you don't know anything about it,and one ship of yours was alredy lost at sea and finnaly on top of all that you wereexporing for a whole year!(By the way Francisco didn't find to many tresuresbut he did find something that is one of the biggest tresures of all!(San Francisco))

This is the ship that Francissco sailed inand the little boat that was lost in a storm!

Francisco De Ulla!

Personal opinionI think that Fran-cisco De Ulla was a Great person and iwish i could do somthing like that!

This is a littleplace in Californiacalled San Francisco!

San Francisco was where Francisco DeUlla explored!

Poor little boat!

The very explorerwho found San francisco!!!!!How cool!

Most people went to california for gold.Francisco De Ulla went there for land!



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