Where There is a Wall

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Where There is a Wall

Where There is a Wall

Randi Hopper

A gate being discussed in the poem may be in referral to how obstacles in one's life, are just temporary. Because like a gate or a door, there is always a way to get through them no matter how hard you must try.

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ImageryThe poem also has lines that are in referral to "bombs" and "rocekts" and "armies with trumpets" which is the authors way of dicsussing war and violence. The poem is much about problems within one's life, and this would be more political and attacking a problem to the extreme. Her family was in a Japanese camp during WWII, which would have influenced this wording and poem.

"Shatters the foundations" (19)The author uses this wording to describe how in a real life situation, you may feel as though your life could be "shattering", but the poem is also about attacking those problems. The author may refer this line to when she was in the Japanese camp where she and her family could relate because their lives were being shattered.

The author refers to hearing a faint voice after following in the wrong direction. This voice would be in reference to the relgious aspect of the poem, where she is hearing God's voice in her head telling her which path of life to choose.


1. Where there's wall, there's a way..a gate, maybe a ladder or door2. Armies with trumpets who all with one blast, shatters the foundations.3.Birds try to carry messages taped to thier feet, there are letters to be written, even novels.4. I incline in the wrong direction, a voice cries faint as in a dream

This gate represents when the narrator hears the faint voice. It is in reference to the gate to Heaven, because of the religion aspect of the poem.

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