Where the Sidewalk Ends

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Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Collection of poetry By: Shel Silverstein

Hug o War is basicly saying to love instead of fight.Instead of competition, just be nice and don't constantly have wars.

Paraphrased Poem: Hug o' WarWe would rather not fight not have any wars,We would rather hug and giggle instead of tugging,and shouting. Everyone wins in hug-o-war so nobody has to feel bad and sore.

The voice is basicly saying listen to yourself,anddon't let antone tell you what to do. Do what you thinkis right.

Paraphrased Poem: The VoiceThere is something inside youthat tells you what is right, so listen to it day and night. No teacheror preacher can say that you're wrong if you listen to the voiceand do right.

Critiqued Poem: InvitationThe first two lines basiclythe introduction to the collection, the first two lines say come in if you're a dreamer or a lier come read these poems, no matter who you are these poems can change you. The next lines say if you're a hoper or prayer or magic bean buyer come in. I think he's using analogies and hyperboles to get you to read these poems. The last lines are saying if you're a pretender come sit with me we have poems to read. "come in," "come in." The ryme scheme is A, B, B, B, A, A, A. This poem has an interesting ryhyme scheme because it doesn't go to C, and it has an odd pattern.

Poem Review: SpaghettiThis poem is about an eager party planner that is burried in speghetti, because his guests threw that, instead of confetti. Overall i enjoyed this poem because of the silly rhymes, and mood. This poem has humor because the spaghettii is all over him, "up to my elbows- up to my face." He also wonders if his guests are burried which is humorous for a poem.

Shel Silverstein: A silly GeniusShel Silverstein is a silly poet/ songwriter that makes children smile. He really does have a very active imagination, and great silly ideas. He sor of reminds me of Doctor Suess because they both write silly stories with silly rhymes. He is just a silly man who enjoys making little kids smile.

This picture symbolizies the happy, silly feelingkids get when readingShel Silversteins poetry.

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