[2015] Natalie Young (Spanish 7, 7th Grade Social Studies): Where is the Love?

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[2015] Natalie Young (Spanish 7, 7th Grade Social Studies): Where is the Love?

The Black-Eyed Peas BiosWill.i.am: Born on March 15, 1975 (age 40) in Los Angeles, CA, While he worked with the Black-Eyed Peas, he won seven Grammy Awards and three World Music AwardsApl.de.ap: Born on November 28, 1974 (age 40) in Sapangbato, (in Philippines) loving music at age 14 when he moved to L.A. He has been very successful with the Black-Eyed PeasFergie: Born on March 27, 1975 (age 40) in Haciendaeights, CAthe Black-Eyed Peas, making their album, Elephunk and in 2003 and became a huge hit. Taboo: Born on July 14, 1975) (age 39) in Los Angeles, California, Taboo is a rapper, singer and actor. He joined the Black-Eyed Peas in the place of Dante Santiago

"Where is the Love?"The Black-Eyed PeasReleased in 2003

Allan Pineda Lindo(Apl.de.ap)

Stacy Ann Ferguson(Fergie)

Jamie Luis Gomez (Taboo)

William James Adams(Will.i.am)

Points of View:You can tell that the members of the Black-Eyed Peas (like so many other Americans)did not like 9/11 in these lines:"I think the whole world is addicted to the drama. Only attracted to the things that will bring you trauma. Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism...""But if you only have love for your own race.Then you only leave room to discriminate."

Genre: Conscious Hip hop, R&B

"Where is the love?"Dealing with demostic violence also know as 9/11,Group member Ron Fair writing it late in 2001, and another member, Will.I.Am, added the socially-conscious lyrics.as well as 9/11, this song refers to the fight against racism that took place in our country.

PurposeThe purpose of the song "Where is the Love?" was for the members of the Black-Eyed Peas to let out their feelings about 9/11 and to tell the world what they were seeing not only from foreigners, but from Americans too.

Appealing and RelevantSome of the things that are appealing about our song are the beat, the rapping, the moving lyrics, and the way the people who sing the song sing it.The relevance of the song was to tell everyone that love and peace were gone and that those were the only ways to solve all of mankind's problems.

Most Popular SongsI Gotta Feeling (2000)Boom Boom Pow (2009)Pump It (2001)Let's Get it Started (2003)ect.


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