Where I'm From

by whnstudent
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Where I'm From

Where I'm From

I am from chalk dust and pencil lead,from red brick and cardinals and Grace.I am from shaving cream fights in a brand new house.(Snow-like, foaming,it felt like friendship.)I am from elephant ears,geraniums,and lily of the valley that transports me back in time.I’m from macaroni salad and potluck lunch, from Gerhardt R. and Marilyn Ann.I’m from mellow yellow and teacher’s pet from respect your elders and don’t talk in church.I’m from This is Most Certainly Trueand a pristine white confirmation dress.I’m from G.F. and Lydia’s Branch,wheat harvest and quilt lover’s dream.From a cast that itched with red dirtand the tree swing that floated over asea of purple irises.On the wall a collection of photographsholds fast in timea host of familiar faces,angels of my family tree.I am from those moments--a canopy of memories,understory of my life, of me.


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