Where I'm From

by suebeefoster
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Where I'm From

I’m from Harrison.I lived two minutes from my elementary school,where they cut art class because of negligible funds,where we had PE in a trailer and played Jedi Dodgeball and I remembered every word that came out of Coach Cole’s mouth,where we had music class with Mrs. B and the notes on the staff danced in our heads like ecstatic party-goersas her sweet smile and curly brown hair warmed our hearts and made us feel loved,where Ms. Roy, the librarian, perpetuated in me a love of books in the small, cozy library, walls painted blue like the big, open sky,where Mrs. Mowery read us Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and the joy of learning filled up the room.We rode our bikes in the cul-de-sac and around the high school trackas the sun set in the warm Tennessee sky.Abby and I sold Kool-Aid at the end of the drivewayas cars braked down the mountain of Harvest Run Drive.I checked out books from the public library,that circular building with the big blue roof, the quiet brown carpet, the friendly green bushes outside,Mama and I laughed at the silly pictures in the books we got in the church library,the smell of books, welcomed up our nostrils, filling our hearts.We ate at CiCi’s Pizza with friends every Wednesday before Awanas. I’m from Marietta’s Foster dynasty, hanging out at Granna and Papaw’s. I’m from playing with my mom’s old toys and doing puzzles at Granny’s.I’m from boat-riding, golf cart-driving, and gnat-swatting at Grandoodle and Nanazan’s. More importantly, I’m from love.I’m from sisterly fighting and forgiving,I’m from hugging and make-up-ing.I’m from laughter and singing and dancing.I’m from “turn that frown upside down!”s. I’m from bandaged scrapes, patched up holes, mommy kisses, and dried tears. I’m from family.I’m from loving God and loving others and loving myself.I’m from love.I often muse about where I am going,but I forget that what gets me thereis where I’m from.

Where I'm FromSamantha Foster



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