Where am I?

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by Mikaela95
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Where am I?

Digital Storytelling

When creating this picture book I had to put a lot of effort and thinking into the characters of the story, the plot and the images that I used. I had to consider what my buddy student actually liked, as he was my traget audience.

For this task I had to create a picture book for a target audience. I decided to write this picture book for my year one buddy!


The Story about...

Why ?

This picture book tells the story of a young girl with a big imagination. When she closes her eyes the fun begins! I wonder kind of fun adventures she will have. Read the story to find out.


The video displayed to the right, is the final multimodal story I created. I have added narration and audio!

Click the link below to view my created picture book. This is just a plain copy of the text without the added sounds and narration. I kept this copy as a progress point and it allows me to read the actual text to my buddy, myself with expression to capture his attention!Link: https://storybird.com/books/where-am-i-130/?token=njqbqtahjx


Story Book


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