when will I ever use this? geometry

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when will I ever use this? geometry

The MILLION DOLLAR Math Question Every Student Wants to Know: "When Will I Ever Use This!?"


Like most students in our society today, I was NEVER a strong math student. As a matter of fact, I think I gave up once I got past addition and subtraction because all that other stuff was just, "too complicated."And there I was, eight grade levels and two schools later in a geometry class, when someone asked the million dollar question... "Why do we have to learn this stuff? It's not like we're going to need to know the Pythagorean Theorem at our jobs unless we want to be mathematicians!"Then, my high school geometry teacher leaned back in her chair and calmly replied: "You're absolutely right. You won't need to do geometry as a nurse, a psychologist, a musician, or even as a brain surgeon. But... you WILL need the skills you learned in this class."How is that?" the class replied.Math is exercise for the mind. It gives your brain the opportunity to stretch and grow in ways that no other subject can. Good math skills will help the nurse or the surgeon make quick, accurate life-saving decisions. It will help the musician stay on top of her taxes, and the psychologist will better be able to work out his patients tough problems, if he could work out these tough problems first."The whole class let out a big "Oh..." and all of a sudden I understood just what she meant. After all, being a poor math student myself, I knew that could very well be the cause of some of the problems I was having in other areas of my life.And from that moment forward, I would never look at math the same again. That was the year I busted my bum with extra after school tutoring and whatever else I needed to do to get myself caught up in math. And ever since then, I have really enjoyed math and can now see the true beauty in it; which has lead me to where I am today. Right here, trying to share a glimpse of that beauty with you. :)Thanks geometry teacher,- Breanna http://www.becreativechangetheworld.org/profiles/blogs/the-million-dollar-math

And if you like cities, you might want to know some geometry!

Examples are architecture, interior design, furniture.Engineers/technicians working in almost all typesof technologies use geometry.Physicist, Astronomers need to know geometry.Plumbing & cabling is done using geometry.All kinds of lighting & accoustic arrangementsinvolve application of geometry.Planning & construction of roads is done byusing knowledge of geometry.Maps are drawn using geometrical knowledge.All kinds of navigational systems includingsatellite based GPS(Global positioning system)involve geometrical calculations.Computer aided designing programs use geometry.Even clothes are stitched using geometricalmeasurements as they have to take a 3 dimensionalshape but are made from flat 2 dimensional cloth.All kinds of resptacles, bags, packing etc. aredesigned using geometrical ideas.Geometry is also used in gardening -estimating volumes of pits, making circularor elliptical flower beds etc.Even most of the computer games are written usinggeometry extensively!

Geometry of a PizzaDate: 5/31/96 at 2:41:58From: AnonymousSubject: Geometry with circlesI have a pizza. The radius is 10 inches long. The pizza was cut into 16 equal slices. When 1 slice was left, my brother and I both wantedit, so we agreed to cut it in half, but I like the crust more than hedoes, so we decided to cut it in a way perpendicular to the "usual way."In other words, the two pieces would not be symmetrical. One piecewould contain all topping, and the other would contain some topping and some crust.Finally, the question: How far up the radius from the center of thecircle will I need to cut so we will both have an equal area of pizza? Note: the area of the crust and topping make no difference. Just think of it as a regular circle.My first strategy was to simply find where to cut a triangle in the same way above, but I had no luck. At this point I can think of no other plan. Could you help me out? Thanks!




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