When Washington Crossed the Delaware

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When Washington Crossed the Delaware

When Washington Crossed The Delaware

By Lynne Cheney

Glog by Shelby Gardner

SummaryThis book was about Washington crossing the Delaware and making is way into Trenton through a surprise attack and then making his way to Princeton defeating the worlds best army both times. Its a great picture book for any elementary students covering the revolutionary war.

WeaknessesThe only weakness for this book is that students need to have some prior knowledge of the revolutionary war to completely understand why they are crossing the Deleware and fighting.

StrengthsThe book talks about Washington crossing the river in an interesting way that will attrack kids attention. The pictures are very nicely illustrated and bring Cheney's words to life. In addition Cheney's use of quotes on each page help the reader to understand how different people felt in this battle.

Text to World

The book connects to social studies through history because it's about our past and a specific battle in the revolutionary war.This is also what makes it text to world. The video further explains Washington crossing the Delaware.


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