When Stalin's In Control

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When Stalin's In Control

· Nickname is the Man of Steel.· Stalin had a physical abnormality in his left arm, making it shorter than his right.· Stalin was actually nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice.


1922- Became the general secretary of the Communist Party1928- Had total control of the Communist Party1928- Began to plan for the Soviet Union's economy, econmony went up 25%1928- 25 million privately owned farms were tooken by the owner.1934- He went against the Communist Party and launched the Great Purge.

Stalin was the most egotistical ruler ever. Stalin did anything to have power that includes killing anyone who got in his way. Even though he killed millions of Russians, he still thought of himself as being the savior to Russia. Everyone had to thank hi every morning, want people to think that he was the GREATEST genius of ALL times and peoples. He also named factories, towns, and streets after him.

Lasting Impact

Stalin took control of several people properties and left so many people struggling, which caused over 62 million people to die.


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When Stalin's In Control!!!

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