When My Love Swears She is Made of Truth

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When My Love Swears She is Made of Truth

When my Love Swears that She is Made of Truth(William Shakespeare)

ParaphraseIn the poem that is also known as Sonnet 138, William Shaksphere reveals both the nature of his relationship with the "dark lady" and the insecurities he has about growing older. In the peom he is in self-doubt and implies that he is only the relationship for rewards and not love.

SpeakerThe speaker of the peom, as I have mentioned, is William Shakespeare.In the peom he describes his affair with the "dark lady" and expresses depressing thoughts. An example would be in Stanza 5, 6, 7, & 8. Shakespeare specifically says that if he acts like a teenager then his mistress will think he is young. Then he implies and mentions that it is foolish but he has nothing to lose.

ToneThe tone or attitude of the peom is very dreary and depressing. By using self-doubt and lying to express his feelings, Shakespeare was able to create a peom filled with darkness.

Title (What Does it Mean)The title is a title that could be described as a hidden message. It expresses the depression and doubt of the peom by having a title that implies lying. Througout the peom, you can see the evidence of lying between Shakespeare and his love affair.

Kyle Collins

Period 6

Theme/Message: The theme of this poem is about Shakespears love affair. It describes the fact that he lies and she lies and also expresses his self-doubt.

Figurative LanguageSome figurative language Shakespeare uses includes metaphors, simile, and parallel structure. There is also evidence of "sarcasm" or self-doubt.