Wheels of Change

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Wheels of Change

Emily is a thoughtful, kindhearted girl who enjoys helping her dad and Henry build carriages. She was concerned about her dad losing work due to all the changes including the invention of the automobile. She was a courageous, persistent girl because she was determined to stand up for what she believed including the rights of women to vote and fairness in racial issues. Emily postively influenced many people in the book including Mama, Mr. Soper, Henry, Henry's family, Beatrice, Miss Carlisle, and President Roosevelt. She was invited personally to a luncheon at the White House by President Roosevelt!


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Created by Ms. Lubrano's Fourth Grade Class (Room 109) at Sussex Avenue School, Morristown, NJ.- We read the book together. - We enjoyed discussing important events in the book. We all cheered for Emily!- We learned a great deal about the historical events in the U.S.

Wheels of ChangebyDarlene B. Jacobson

Meet Emily


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Emily Soper

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1909: Important Times of Emily's Life1. Mr. Soper & Henry work on a carriage for the president.2. First car came out.3. Henry got sick for a long time but then finally got better and was going to work.4. Tea Party - Emily speaks up to Mrs. Peabody when she talks rudely about the hired help.5. Emily runs away to barn & Mr. Martin throws torches to start a fire in the barn.6. Mr. Martin goes to jail.7. Mr. Soper & Henry finish carriage.8. Emily & Mr. Soper deliver carriage, but the president was too busy to say thank you.9. Emily was mad and wrote a letter to the president saying he should have been there to accept her dad's hard work.10. The president gets the letter and writes back to Emily, inviting her to the White House for a luncheon.

Some Major Challenges of the Times- The invention of the automobile threatened Mr. Soper's carriage business With people wanting cars instead of carriages. He was worried that he would not be able to support his family. Emily was very worried about her father's business. - Mrs. Peabody did not accept newly freed slaves as equal citizens. She spoke rudely about Henry and other hired help at Emily's house. Emily did not like how Mrs. Peabody spoke to Henry and other hired help. She did not think it was the right way to treat anybody.- Women did not have the right to vote. Miss Carlisle participated in a protest against womens' suffrage. Emily felt strongly that women should be able to vote and hold any job they want.- Mr. Martin, a temporary worker, started a fire in Mr. Soper's barn because he did not want blacks to work and get paid. Emily almost died.**These challenges created problems for Emily throughout the book. However, her continued belief in doing the right thing helped bring about positive changes for her and those she cared about.

Invitation to White House


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