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Wheeler Subj/Obj

Objective: writing that is based strictly on facts.Examples of objective writing include owner's manuals, the sports page in the newspaper, encyclopedias, and textsbooks for subjects like Math and Science.

And I have YouNikki GiovanniRain has drops Sun has ShineMoon has beams That make you mineRivers have banks Sands for shoresHarts have heartbeats That make me yoursNeedles have eyes Though pins may prickEmer has glue To make things stickThis is an example of a subjective poem because Giovanni applies emtion when the speaker maeks comparisons to how much she cares for the significant other in her life.

Subjective: writing that has to do with one's thoughts, opinions, or feelings. Subjective writing includes editorials, peoms, fictional short stories, and most songs.

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