Wheat into Flour

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Wheat into Flour

Wheat for Food-Each American consumes, on average, 53 pounds of bread per year. -60 % of global consumers have consumed bread in the previous day.-Bread is the one product eaten by all nations and all races of people.





1. Wheat is drawn from the silos.2. Powerful magnets extract any metal objects mixed with grain..3. Machines small seeds.4. Gravity separation removes stones.5. Air currents lift off dust and chaff.6. The wheat is left in conditioning bins. .

1. Grain is passed through a series of ‘break’ rolls rotating at different speeds. These rolls do not crush the wheat but split it open, separating the white, inner portion from the outer skins.(2. White endosperm is milled further to be turned into white flour. Brown flour is made from bran, wheatgerm, and white endosperm.To produce wholemeal flour, all the wheat must be blended back together in their original proportions.)2. Nutrients are added to the brown and white flour (legally required)Waste Products:Metal, stones, chaff, stalks, (bran)





Wheat farming encrouches on many animal habitats, and may destroy the ecosystem, especially in "America's Bread Basket."


Change disposal techniques- Sell metal, stones- Bran and chaff is animal feed


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