Whe I Went to San Diego Zoo

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Whe I Went to San Diego Zoo

When I went to the San Diego Zoo

Polar bears are also one of my favorite animals Ilove learning about them and seeing their white thick, thick coat. It's so, so, so beautiful.

Flamingos are another favorite animal of mine I can't belive how long they can stand on one leg and then lean down and then grab fish.

Meerkats are one of my favorite animals I call them little movie stars because when they stand up on dirt holes then stand on their hind legs it looks like their posing for a photo shoot.

Koalas are my moms favorite animal when I went to this zoo it was the first time ever i've seen a koala they look like over sized really soft teddy bears.

I also love elephant espially when I here them call to each other, and this is what it sounds like when they call to each other.

These are some of the cool animals that I saw at the San Deigo Zoo and what I like about them.


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