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whats your angle

What's Your Angle?

Architects use various types of math when designing buildings. Some choose to build around certain angles that can be found in nature or in the surrounding area of where the building will be located. Even architects for major league baseball parks look at angles. Today you are an architect that is evaluating the design of Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros baseball team.

Angle Image Example

Assignment: Search Google Images for a picture of Minute Maid Park and document the image location. Save it to your desktop. Insert the image into a Word document then mark and lable at least 6 angles that you find. There must be one acute, one obtuse and one right. You may use the straight line tool in Word to mark your angles. After marking your angles, be sure to list where you found your image and then explain why you think the angles might hold importance for the baseball field.

Angle Measurement Video

Angle Game


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