What's suspect about speculative fiction?

by Maggiezanon
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What's suspect about speculative fiction?

The Handmaid's tale is a speculative fiction based in the republic of Gilead, a totalitarian state based in New England.The book contains themes in regards to totalitarianism and oppressive governments, as well as complacency, the power of language as a political tool, and women's rights; especially in regards to their bodies

V for Vendetta is a dystopian film based in a world where England has fallen to a neo-fascist regime "Norsefire" where media is heavily regulated by the government.The film includes themes regarding anarchistic ideology, fascism, surveillance, and the freedom of individuals

Speculative fiction is a genre of fiction speculating on a possible future, usually in a dystopian setting, some famous examples include: 1984, divergent, the hunger games, the handmaid's tale, and v for vendetta. It often stirs up controversy with media for anti-government views or causing dread.

Context Behind the Handmaid's taleMargaret Atwood wrote and published this book in the 80's and was greatly influenced by the politics in the United states at the time and her study of American puritans at Harvard, Atwood also cites her experience living in west Berlin, and states that everything in Gilead has happened at some point in real life, having accrued a large collection of newspaper clipping of world events and excerpts from history books.Context behind V for VendettaAlan Moore wrote the original graphic novel that V for Vendetta was based on and the Anarchist ideology of Moore was reflected, Moore actually didn't support the film believing that it had been watered down to appeal to a wider audience. The film takes heavy inspiration from the gunpowder plot, which was organised by Guy Fawkes, and the character of V has parallels with the count of monte cristo and the phantom from the phantom of the opera.