What's in a Name? EED324

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What's in a Name? EED324

Brooke Gloor

The orgin of BrookeMy name is from Old English/Dutch orgins and its most common meaning for it is a small stream, referring to a Brook in nature. Through researching my name more, I found it became more popular in the 1950's due to an influence by a socialite of the same name 'Brooke Astor'.

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Why Brooke?When I have asked my mom about my name, she says my name was chosen because she wanted something different and not a lot of kids at the time shared my name. I have met maybe two people my age who share my name, but everyone else with my name is quite a bit younger. I have never disliked my name; however, I did want to change it to Madeline once my mom shared that she almost named me that after my great-grandmother. I thought Madeline was more 'girly' than Brooke but I quickly grew out of that and never minded my name since no one else my age had the same name growing up!Surprisingly, people do often misspell my name; leaving off the 'e'. I have plenty of nicknames, including: Brookie (which I'm called more than my actual name), Brookles, and Babbling Brooke.



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