Whatever After Dream On

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Whatever After Dream On

Whatever After Dream onBy: Sarah Mlynowski

The main characters in Whatever After - Dream On are Abby, Jonah and Robin. Abby is very king, passionate and wants everything to be right. Jonah, her younger brother, always messes around but ends up helping. Robin is Abby's best friend who spent the entire book asleep.

The setting for this fantasy tale is in the basement of Abby's house and in the castle where Sleeping Beauty is asleep.


Megan's book report


Jonah and Abby can't stop Robin from pricking her finger on the spining wheel. Now she is fast asleep and Sleeping Beauty (Bri) is wide awake. To save the day they have to find a Prince to wake Robin up, get past scary fairies, host a fake party for Jonah, and get back home safely all in 10 hours.

It was supposed to be the best sleep over ever. Everything was perfect... until the magic mirror in the basement sucked Robin up into the story of Sleeping Beauty. Jonah and Abby follow her into the mirror to save her.



After all of the craziness, they get Robin back home through the mirror, but she is still asleep. When Prince, Abby's dog, kisses Robin's face, she immediately wakes up.



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