What you should know about cigarettes before you get addicted

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What you should know about cigarettes before you get addicted

Passive smoke is smoke that comes off the end of a lit cigarette. This affects the smoker. Secondhand smoke is both the smoke that is exhailed from the smoker and the smoke coming off the cigarette. This affects people around the smoker. So the smoker isn't only killing themselves, but also the people around them.

Did you know what there are around 4,000 ingredients in each cigarette? That's a lot! Each of these ingredients are there to get you addicted to the product. Have you heard of formaldehyde? Well unless you know a lot about preserving dead bodies, you might not know what this is. Turns out it's in your cigarette! Chemicals that are in atomic bombs, rat poisoning, batteries, and much more are also in your cigarette. In fact, 250 of the ingredients are toxic!

What you should know about cigarettes before you get addicted

What's in one?

Facts that may surprise you

In America, tabacco kills more people than alcohol, crack, cocaine, heroin, homicide, suicide, car accidents, fires, and AIDS each year combined! If this already doesn't make you want to stop, then what else do you need to hear? What about the fact that you have a two times more likely chance of having a heart attack. Or that you are ten times more likely to develop lung cancer.Your heart rate also increases 15-20 more beats a minute.

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Effects:High blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, more likely to get emphysema, red blood cells can't carry as much oxygen, carbon monoxide is produced, different cancers, immune system function decreases, over-production of mucous, wrinkled skin, yellow fingers and much more.

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How can you quit smoking? 1. "Cold Turkey". Put it down! This is the hardest of all the choices, but it is also the easiest. 2. "Sweat it out"- You need to sweat out all the toxins from the cigarettes in your body. 3. You can also wear a patch or chew special gum.

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