What You Can Do With a Glog

by MZ557
Last updated 11 years ago

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What You Can Do With a Glog

What a Glog Can Do

First Choose your Wall design...mine are the clouds. Then you choose your page design...mine is the light blue color. The page design will not print though, just what is on the wall.

Use Graphics like the red and blue arrows to create a flow to the glog, or just for effect and design.

Insert Images and give them a border. You can even link images to a website. Click on Storm Logo!

Upload videos from Youtube and Schooltube. Or you can insert one that you created from home.

You can also add Audio Clips. Press Play to hear some Beethoven!

The Great thing about Glogster is that everything is linkable to outside sources. Your students can email it to you, or print it out. they can even make it so you can publish it on your website. The possibilities are endless and our students would take it and run with it!


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