What Will the Weather Be

by lynnbradley
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Earth Sciences

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What Will the Weather Be

MaterialsPaper clips or thin wirePencil with eraserShallow flower pot or cupPlastic strawScissorsTapeGlueIndex cardStraight pinRed markerDirt or rock saltCompass

"Weather"Whether the weather be fine,Or whether the weather be not,Whether the weather be cold,Or whether the weather be hot,We'll weather the weatherWhatever the weather,Whether we like it or not! Author: unknown

Who tells us the weather?

A Meteorologist

What does a meteorologist do?What information do we get from a meteorologist? How is this information communicated to the public, and why is it important to us?

The tools of a Meteorologist


What you Need:Materials1 pint jar with cap1 straw, preferably clearSome clay or play doughWaterRubbing alcoholFood Coloring1 marker

Weather Vane


Wind Direction



a block of wood, or heavy cardboard, about 10'' x 4''a thin piece of thin plastic, about 3'' x 3''2 small nails3 strands of human hair, about 8'' long (I donated a few gray ones).a dimegluetapea hammerheavy scissorsand, since we used light colored hair, we added a piece of black construction paper, to place behind the hair, so it would show up.



Air Pressure

Gather the things you'll need. These consist of: Scissors, tape, a balloon, a jar, an elastic rubber band, a straw.

Wind Speed

Scissors4 small paper cups (like drinking cups)A marking pen (any color)2 strips of stiff, corrugated cardboard -- the same lengthRulerStaplerPush pinSharpened pencil with eraser on the endModeling clayA watch that shows seconds

What are weather station symbols?

Putting it all together

AttachmentsPredicting Storms and WeatherWeather BasicsReading about Weather


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