What We Eat

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What We Eat

HerbivoresPlants we Eat

These are the notes from today's discussion about what we eat.

Mrs. Peters had us read about dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs were meat-eaters and others were plant-eaters. A meat-eater is called a carnivore. A plant-eater is called an herbivore. An omnivore is when you eat both meat and plants. We are omnivores because we eat both!

CarnivoresMeat we Eat

- Chicken - Duck- Cow - Goat- Rattlesnake - Turkey- Octopus - Crab- Deer - Llama- Kangaroo - Buffalo- Caviar - Shrimp- Alligator- Lamb- Fish- Squid- Lobster- Shark- Pig- Frog- Rabbit

- Onion - Cauliflower- Bay leaf - Celery- Mint - Potato- Basil - Tomato- Broccoli - Eggplant- Garlic - Beets- Wheat - Radish- Carrot - Rutabaga- Beans - Mushroom- Corn- Lettuce- Cilantro- Oregano- Fennel- Parsley- Thyme- Rosemary

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