What Type of Bread Moulds Quickest?

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What Type of Bread Moulds Quickest?

What I want to find out & what I think will happen?AIM:I want to find out is which type of bread moulds quickest.HYPOTHOISIS:I think that the focaccia will grow mould the quickest because it has a lot of oil and oil based ingrediants in it.I also believe that the Tip Top brand bread will last the longest without growing mould because it has a lot of preservitives in it.

What did I use?-Tip Top Bread $3.98 - 6 Zip Lock Bags-Bakery Bread $3.80 -Spray Bottle With Water-Mighty Soft $3.39-Wonder White $3.30-Focaccia $5.75


What did I do?First I got all the types/ brands of bread that I was going to use. Then I put 1 slice of each into a zip lock bag and labled them so I knew which one was which. I then put the "packages" of bread in the incubator so they would be warm which makes mould grow faster.After 5 days no mould had grew on any of the pieces of bread so I sprayed water on each slice to make the mould grow faster.


What happened and Why?The bread grew mould because bread is like a sponge and it absorbes moisture and anything in the air like mold spores. Mix the 2-3 things together and you have a perfect growing place for mould. But once I added the water to the bread it added moisture so the mould grew heaps quicker.The focaccia grew the most mould because of the ingredients in it like all of the oil and cheese. The Tip Top and Wonder White didnt grow any mould in the 8 days because they had the most preservitives in them and the bakery bread and Mighty Soft brand bread only grew a little bit of mould.


Aim & Hypothisis

What Type Of Bread Moulds Quickest?


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