What temperature does bacteria grow best in?

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What temperature does bacteria grow best in?

ExperimentWhat temperature does bacteria grow best in?

1st Day

Method1. Take one cotton swab and swab the inside of the a toilet bowl and put onto a petri-dish. Repeat this with the other two swabs.2. Place your bacteria into 3 different temperatures, one in the incubator at 38C, the fridge at 7C and at room temperature at 14C. 3. Look back at your samples every few weeks and take note on size.

After 3 Weeks

What Happend?The bacteria grew most in the hot Temperature which was at 37C, and grew least in the cold temperature which was at 9C.

Equipment3 petri-dishes, 3 cotton buds/swabs, 3 samples of bacteria, 1 incubator, Camera,

AimTo find out what temperature bacteria grows best, by using three different temperatures.

HypothesisI think the bacteria will grow better in the cold because we wash our dishes in hot water to kill germs.

DiscussionThe bacteria grew best in the hot temperature which is also the same temperature as our body. During the experiment the variables were he different temperature. This could be useful in keeping our health better. It shows that it would be better to wash our hands in very cold water to stop the spread of bacteria

IntroductionBacteria are the smallest living organisms in the world! There are four types of bacteria based on their shapes; they are coccus (spherical), bacillus (rodlike), spirochete (spiral like) and vibrio (comma type shape).Bacteria is under the Prokaryote kingdom. In this experiment the bacteria grown was coccus. I wanted to do this experiment to see if bacteria grew at a hot temperature like I've been told before.







ConclusionIn conclusion my hypothesis was wrong because the bacteria grew the most in the hot temperature.

ResultsThe bacteria grew at 38C, nearly covered all of the petri-dish. it covered a little in the 14C and had only one dot in the 7C as shown in the pictures.



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