What Plants Need to Survive

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What Plants Need to Survive

Plants need water to live. Water is part of a plant's circulatory system, allowing it to move nutrients from the soil upwards into the leaves. Water also allows the plant to move sugars from the leaves into the stems. The process of creating food also uses water. This process is called photosynthesis.


What plants need to survive

Plants are the opposite of animals: they breathe in carbon dioxide, and we breathe it out. Carbon dioxide is necessary for the cellular respiration of plants, and it is also part of a chemical reaction that allows plants to make their own food. This reaction is called photosynthesis. Plants also need enough space to sperad out so they can grow!

Air and Space

While some plants grow on the dim forest floors of the rainforest, almost all plants need light to live. Plants require light for photosynthesis. Using chlorophyll, light, carbon dioxide, and water, plants make their own food in a complex chemical reaction. This is one of the things that makes plants vastly different from animals, since animals generally need to eat to live.


Plants use the nutrients in soil to grow, make leaves and flowers, and create fruit. Plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from the soil, and they also need micronutrients such as iron.


Check out this song to help you remember what plants need to grow!


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