What Makes Space An Extreme Environment?

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What Makes Space An Extreme Environment?

Space is a probably the most dangerous thing ever, at one moment you can freeze to death, or die of oxygen loss, or your body could get puffed and die from internal pressure, get boiled by the sun, and an unimaginable number of different deaths that I cannot list. Space might be mighty but it is a capturing image of art that is astonishing to the eye and truly majestic and maybe we go there for the extra resource. Maybe one day the apocalypse will happen and diamonds will be useful for something other than looks because I think 2 planets rain diamonds (Saturn and maybe Jupiter) and one rains iron or steel but I’m not sure (none do i was wrong). Uranus also has an extreme amount of wind over 900 kilometers of wind power which is powerful enough to do some really bad things to a human, the sheer power of such wind can mess with the insides of someone making him/her bleed from the interior and peel off their skin. But wile we haven’t explored all of space we went to a moon (ours to be exact) which is a big accomplishment for human kind, we also went to mars (not exactly, we just explnored it) but we just sent a rover to explore the matter, currently were exploring the stones, and last of all we landed a massive asteroid, it was amazing to find that something so small has a gravitational pull (a little pull anyway) and soon were going to Jupiter using an aircraft that uses “Gravity Assist” but I’m not scratching a surface about it.

What Makes Space An Extreme Environment?

Did you know?: The full cost of a spacesuit is about $11 million although 70% of this is for the backpack `and the control module and over 100 artificial satellites are now launched into space every year, a few of which are space telescopes.

There some requirements for life such as: food, water and shelter but what do we need for space? How do we survive things that were previously mentioned? Well we need: straps, sleeping bag (with straps), small lunch box (with straps), and a toilet (with air lock seal). Ok we have the basic but what about food? Well: dehydrated/microwaveable/freeze-dried food, (optional) packets of different sugar drinks, food in tubes, water, and gelatin covered foods. Nice we have knowledge about the food now so what about the tools/technology: NASDAT, Global Range, Advanced In space propulsion, and human robotic systems. All these things are interesting and useful for space but what about what we can learn of a place like this? We learned about solar energy, surface of our solar systems planets, and what can be acquired from it so there you go, this is mostly what space is like, why its dangerous, and what we need so remember DON’T GO TO SPACE.

Did you know?:there have been more missions to space than the deep oceans and asteroids are mainly made of materials left over from the formation of the inner solar system

All this space talk of its hazards and danger is pretty interesting but what about going there? What is the attraction of our interest? Well we can acquire diamonds as previously mentioned but why do we go there? One word: curiosity, we constantly want to learn about space and want to know about stars and what we can get, so we take anything we can from space we can like solar energy from the sun, and maybe one day we will harness the power of the stars. But still it’s not about the power or anything we can get, it’s about our greed, we just want more we can never get enough and that’s why we go to space.

December 1,2014

Tools and Technology


by Fahd Murad of divison 13

Resources and Knowledge Gained

Did you know?: that Saturn is the fifth brightest thing in the solar system, Jupiter is the fourth. Also, If you fell into a black hole, you would stretch like spaghetti.

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