What Makes a Hero

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What Makes a Hero

First of all, heroes need awareness. It give the power to know their surrounding and do what’s rights. Someone known for their awareness is Michelle Obama. Ms. Obama can even be considered a hero. For what she’s done, Michelle Obama can be perceived as such. Ms. Obama graduated from Princeton University and Harvard's rights faculty. It is as an certified lawyer that she met her husband, Barack Obama. When Mr. Obama became president of the United States, she then became the First Lady Of America. Michelle is actually the first African-American named First Lady. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti she joined the American Red Cross. Ms. Obama helped the victims of this tragedy to get back on their feet. Michelle recently founded the "Let’s Move" campaign to help fight children obesity in America. Through all of this, Michelle Obama has showed a great amount of awareness towards the problems in the world. For that she is a true hero.

What makes an hero

Martin's famous speech" I have a dream"

Some people stand out for their good deeds, there called heros. What defined one? Who has the potential to become one. Everyone of them is different. From their mentality to their body, they differ. Certain things makes people heros. Qualities like awareness, helpfulness and leadership makes great heros. Three people really stand out for these qualities. Michelle Obama, Robin McGraw and Martin Luther King Jr. are truly heroes for what they achieved.


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Secondly, they need to help others in any way possible. Heroes are known for their helpfulness. Robin McGraw has showed a great amount of this. She may not be well know however, that does not matter. What she does to help others has more value. Ms. McGraw, more commonly recognized as Dr. Phil wife, in hop to help women founded The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation. It has the goal to help women live peacefully and in safety. Robin also started the ASPIRE Initiative. There is an app and a quiz accessible for the main public. The app has a Go button that sends a prewritten message to the person you chose. Messages varies from "This is the time we talked about" to calling the police if you desire. It also starts recording the second you hit the button. The quiz can be taken by anybody, to tell you if you are in are doing something wrong. Finally, Ms. McGraw did some amazing things to help people. That is what makes her an hero.

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Thirdly, a great hero is noticed for their quality leadership.The power of leading people towards greatness is remarkable. Many, have been known for this. One outshines them all, Martin Luther King Jr. He archived many fabulous things. Martin was a leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Even at a young age , he lead many mouvements, like the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955. Mr. King fought for what he believe. He was also the first president of the Christian Leadership conference in 1957. Most of all Martin Luther King Jr. is famous for his speech I have a dream. In the same speech he said: "Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?" This proves that he was a true leader and taught about other peoples needs. Ultimately, Martin Luther King Jr. is a real hero, for his leadership capability. He even won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

To conclude, these are the quality that makes true heros. To help people around us, to be aware of the problem others face and finally to be a great leader. These qualys are in everyone of us. However not everyone does something about it. Certain persons, has them more than the rest. Michelle Obama has shown great awareness. Robin McGraw is very helpful. Martin Luther King Jr. is an amazing leader. These people are true heros for what they done . Do you know anyone else with the same quality who is an hero?

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