What makes a hero?

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What makes a hero?

Heroes can be from anywhere in the world and look like everyone, because each and everyone of us has a hero inside just waiting to burst out and amaze the world. But what makes a hero? A hero, among many things, needs to be strong mentally and physically, courageous and selfless.

What makes a hero?

A hero that shows strength both mentally and physically is Terry Fox. Terry Fox started the Marathon of Hope even though he was a victim of cancer, osteosarcoma, and he got amputated 6 inches over his right knee. He was strong physically because everyday he ran around 42 kilometers, which is an average marathon. He was strong mentally because he never stopped, no matter how much his cancer hurt him. Being strong mentally and physically doesn’t always mean being the best in everything, it means doing your best in everything. Terry Fox demonstrated quite well this quality because he didn’t run across the country to try to beat a record, he did it to raise money for other people that were and are suffering even today just like him.

In conclusion, heroes are around us everywhere. Each of us can be a hero if we just give it a try. A hero needs to be strong mentally and physically, courageous and selfless. They have changed our world for the better since the beginning of the world. If everyone acted as a hero, just imagine what an amazing world we would live in.

Another quality every hero needs is courage. A hero can show courage both by his actions and his decisions. A good example of courage would be Rosa Parks. Her skin color was black, and society, at that time, saw the black people as less important than the people whose skin was white. Rosa didn’t think that was fair, so she stood up for herself and all the people that had black skin by not giving her seat to a white person in the bus. That was a courageous act because all of the other black people in the bus would’ve probably given their seat without saying a word, but she said no and kept her seat. It was very courageous of her to do that.


Last but not least, a hero needs to be selfless. Lionel Messi is a soccer player that shows the quality of selflessness. First of all, soccer is a game played as a team. Messi knows this, so he doesn’t think only about himself. Everytime he’s on the field, he passes to the other players to make sure that his team gets the point. Even though sometimes he has the opportunity to score, he’s going to pass to another player so the player can make the goal. Instead of taking the ball for himself only, he will help the rest of his team to win. Every hero needs this quality because that’s how people can achieve great things in their lives, by not only thinking about themselves.

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