What makes a story great?

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What makes a story great?

HumourHumour:- Keeps the reader hooked-Makes the reader feel like they are involved and the characters are talking to them (which makes them feel special)-E.g. Lewis carroll ‘Through the looking glass’ when the two queens are asking Alice if she can subtract a bone from a dog

Language suitable for the age group Language unsuitable for the age group isn't used because: -people don’t want to have to stop reading to go and look up what a word means-if the reader has to keep going over a sentence and unpicking all the complex words to get any meaning out of it they won't be motivated to keep reading-if the language is too young for the age group the reader will get bored and may find the book extremely irritating -E.g. Lewis carroll ‘Through the looking glass’ `Always speak the truth -- think before you speak -- and write it down afterwards”(this extract was chosen because the languige is simple enough that any one can understand it however it is not too childish)

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Gripping plot/suspense/ plot twist gripping plots, suspence and plot twists:-keep the reader interested -makes the reader imagine they are the one doing what the character does (E.g. rule breaking, rebelion) -E.g. Alice Rasch’s story ‘The Fall’ the doctor was not a murderer, he had injected the sister because she had asked

Characters are relatable/someone the reader will likeunrelatabel charicters mean:-If the reader doesn’t relate to the character then they will not want to keep reading the book. -If the characters are unlikable the reader will not read on (there are a lot of books out there, if theydon’t like yours they have a lot of other options)-E.g. Lewis Carrel ‘through the looking glass’ Alice is a likable character who is quirky and interesting

what makes a story great?


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