What Is Your Favorite Place? Cape Town

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What Is Your Favorite Place? Cape Town

Cape Town: The Experience of a Lifetime.

If you are ever in South Africa, you mustn't miss a visit to the beautiful, spacious city of Cape Town. This is a city which offers something for everyone, from a breathtaking trip up Table Mountain, where you can enjoy a spectacular view, to a totally relaxing day on the modern waterfront.

-the name and location of the place;-physical characteristics;-recommendations of things to do

What is your favourite place?Cape Town

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Now, think of a place you would like to visit, find some information about it and write as ESSAY describing it. Write 100-150 words. Use the composition describing Cape Town as a model as well as the exercises connected with vocabulary.

This fairly large city is located in the south-west of the country, on the Atlantic coast. Consequently, Cape Town offers a very wide range of water activities. There is a fantastic aquarium where you can see all kinds of fish and sea animals. Boat trips are available and you might see some dolphins or even a whale! I strongly recommend taking a drive to Boulders Beach, where a colony of black and white African penguins have made their home


In short, Cape Town is a really wise choice for a tourist destination. But be careful- if you go there, you might not want to leave!

Look for the 3 attachments on the top right hand corner:A. Order of adjectivesB. ExercisesC. Model description

This is what the local food looks like.


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