What is war?

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World War II

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What is war?

What is war?

And finally an important question: is war worth it? Maybe you think that it is, because you defend your own ideals with everything you can, to prove your way of thinking, or your country, is better than the other one. But many people die, and lots of buildings and other structures are destroyed during wars, so other people, and me, think that war shouldn't exist. There must be a better way to discuss things!

I like this song about war: "This is war", by 30 Seconds to Mars

Have you read the quote by the English writer H. G. Wells at the beginning of the video?

"If we don't end war, war will end us"

What is war? That's a question you have maybe asked yourself. Well, war is a conflict between two or more sides, with different opinions, thoughts, or anything than can annoy the other side. Wars are not usually pacific, in fact, during wars there are always lots of deaths (soldiers or even innocent people who are killed too). They also include massive destruction of cities, forests, etc. Another question is: why does a person become a soldier? It can have several answers. Maybe that person is very happy with his side and he wants to help during the war. Maybe that person has been forced to join the army, although he didn't want to do that. During bloody battles, he continues fighting because he want to win and will never give up, or even he wants to get back home and he wants to be alive when the war ends.

By: Rafael Fresno Aranda


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