What is Urban?

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What is Urban?

The video above is a debate produced and hosted by Jade Avia. The debaters include DJ Snips, Miss LaLa, Teef, Chuckie Lothian, Craig Mitch Suave, and PoetsCornerUK. They gather to discuss the use of the word urban in relation to black music.

In my opinion, the word urban is a cage that houses the specific cultures, ethnicities, dances, music, and overall style of living that we as a society feel needs to be categorized and labeled under one common name.

Artists: Marcus Akinlana, 2007

According to the Urban Dictionary1. UrbanCity-like. From the Latin word "urbs", which means "city".

Urban = Empowering Murals

Urban = City

This mural is "a tribute to the music and creative dreams of North Philadelphia".

To be "Urban" means more than to be from the city. It has become a culture of its own, representing the struggles, the acomplishments, and an overall way of life.

Artwork by Chuck Styles. Previously on display at The Urban Art Gallery.

What is Urban?


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