What is the structure of a space shuttle?

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What is the structure of a space shuttle?

The space shuttle was created because they needed at type of transport to space with a better landing and because the space shuttle is re-useable unlike rockets.


The space shuttle is a type of tranportation for taking people (specificly astronauts) into space!

YOUTUBE VIDEO:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBU6oskkNEc

What is a space shuttle?

Why was the space shuttle invented and how?

What is the structure of a space shuttle?

^This is a gif of a space shuttle landing.^



When did the first space shuttle first launch into space?

The space shuttles first launch was April 12, 1981, and was launched by John Young and Robert Crippen. in Florida.



Do astronauts still use space shuttles today?

Today, we do not use space shuttles, instead we are expecting that NASA has the new type of space transportation- The CST-100 capsule (aka Commercial Space Transportation) for 2016.

What is the structure of a space shuttle?

The structure of a space shuttle is quite simple, the two external tanks, the orbiter, the solid rocket boosters and the main engines.

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